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Witch's Milk

Lots of lactating women have nipple discharge from time to time 💧

Did you know:

It’s not unusual for babies (boys 👦& girls 👧) to have milky nipple discharge soon after they are born. Usually, this stops in a few weeks.

The color of the milky discharge is not a good way of telling if it’s anything serious. The discharge can be in any color. If it’s bloody🩸discharge, then you might contact your baby’s pediatrician 👩🏼‍⚕️

This phenomenon is also called witch’s milk or neonatal galactorrhea. It’s not very common, however, it’s normal and there is no cause to panic. There is no treatment necessary. The milky💧 discharge should be temporary and resolve on its own. If it doesn’t go away on its own, we recommend contacting your baby’s pediatrician for a check-up.

Whose baby experienced milky discharge before? 👶🏼💧


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