Milky Makers was founded, and it’s treats formulated, by Narcis, a registered nurse from the Netherlands.

In Narcis profession she saw mothers that struggled with nursing, women that experiencing pain with feeding or mothers that were not sure whether they can continue but desperately want to continue.


As a nurse, Narcis took her clients to heart and was determined to make a change. This is when she decided to dive into finding a solution for breastfeeding mamas.

After many research, years of trial and error, Narcis found the perfect solution. By applying her nursing knowledge and, at the same time, pursuing her passion for baking, Narcis formulated milky making treats and was delighted by the amazing results. Her lactation treats increased her clients’ milk supply and gave mothers hope.

The positive feedback has resulted in a delicious treats that includes Lactation Cookies and Brownies. All treats are based on natural ingredients healthy for both mamas and baby.


Narcis has noticed in the past years that mamas find relieve in their advice, support and welcomed the idea of a breastfeeding support system. Milky Makers has, therefore, established a community support group that provides advice and supports all mamas. In this community, Narcis and her team explain to mamas that they don’t need to keep their personal struggles to themselves. Milky Makers mission is to help every mother in their breastfeeding journey. 
With the support of nurse Narcis advice and her lactation treats, all mamas can now find support in Milky Makers.