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Ughhhhh, twisted baby car seat straps!

Twisted straps can be extremely frustrating, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous.

Wait ... What ... Dangerous?

Yes, dangerous.

A twisted shoulder strap concentrates those forces over a smaller area. This increases the stress applied to your child’s shoulders and chest, which can cause injury. Think about how painful a heavy plastic shopping bag can be on your hand, it's the same kind of thing.

So let's do our best to keep them straight! 💪

You can do a few things on a day to day basis to help prevent twists.

1️⃣. Fasten the harness when not in use.

2️⃣. Straighten the harness each time you use it, even if there's only a half twist.

And if there is a twisted strap, you can try "The Triangle Trick 📐"

It works like a charm and it will save you a lots of frustration 😉


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