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Small drops of clear/yellow fluid leaking from your breast

It’s never too late to start collecting colostrum! 💛

Collecting colostrum during pregnancy 🤰 has benefits for all mamas and their babies. It’s especially important for your baby 👶 if they are likely to have difficulties with nursing 🤱 or maintaining their blood 🩸 sugar levels during the first days after birth.

It can also be beneficial for baby if you:

✅ Experience pre-eclampsia during pregnancy

✅ Are taking beta blockers for a high blood pressure

✅ Are diabetic or got diabetes during pregnancy

✅ Have polycystic ovary syndrome

✅ Had a breast surgery

✅ Have a raised BMI

✅ Plan to give birth by a C-section

The amount of colostrum you collect can vary from just a few drops 💧 to a full teaspoon (or sometimes more) 💦

Every drop of your liquid gold counts, so don’t get discouraged if you feel it’s not much! It doesn’t mean you won’t have enough milk when your baby is born … and it doesn’t mean that your baby will have difficulties to breastfeed ❤️


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