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Breast Friend Bundle

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What’s not to like about your Breast Friend!

Get off to a great breastfeeding start with a collection of Milky Makers® ultimate Besties Bundle in an easy-to-order package.

Get your milk supply flowing at a discounted rate mama. The Breast Friend Bundle includes one of our newest products:

  • The Brownie Lactation Cookies
  • The Lactation Muesli
  • Signature Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies

All our treats are made out of natural ingredients and produced

fresh. They are healthy for mama and baby! We do not use brewer yeast
and all treats are halal. Each box has 10 treats and the Lactation Muesli is a pack of 500 gram.

  • Consumption for the Cookies: Two treats a day to prevent engorgement.
  • Consumption for the Muesli: Not more than 2 bowls a day to prevent engorgement.
  • The products are freshly made. They can be frozen up to 6 months or kept on a dry place for 7 weeks

Make sure to pump or breastfeed 8 to 10 times in 24 hours for the ultimate result.

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